3 of the Best Movies About College

There are so many movies that depict college life, it’s hard to choose our favorites. Some satirize the stereotypical American college experience, some glorify it, some exaggerate it – but for the most part, college is just as wild as its portrayed.Here are 3 of the best movies that make colleges on line look a whole lot less appealing.

3. The Waterboy (1998)

Bobby Boucher is one of Adam Sandler’s most iconic roles. A waterboy-turned-star football player – it doesn’t get much more dumb, in the best way.

2. Pitch Perfect (2012)

For those who want a little less sports and a little more jazz hands, Pitch Perfect is an amazing vehicle. It’s like High School Musical, but with more of the steamy, adult college storylines we all want to see.

1. How High (2001)

Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan and Redman (basically of the Wu-Tang Clan) carry this film in which two stoners ace their college exams and get into one of the most elite universities in the country. Yes, two of the hardest and most respected rappers in the game star (and shine) in this stoner comedy. If you like utter ridiculousness, this film is for you.