Classic Toys Are Making a Comeback: Do You Own These Valuable Collectibles?

Classic Toys Are Making a Comeback: Do You Own These Valuable Collectibles?


Old Star Wars, Transformers and GI Joe toys are always fetching crazy asking prices at auctions. If you’ve got some of these old toys laying around, there’s a chance you could be sitting on a veritable gold mine. After all, collectors love the classic toys from these properties, as they remind them of their childhoods and make excellent targets for collections.

Read on to find out about some of the most valuable old collectibles and toys that you might have lying in your attic or in storage.

Kenner Star Wars Toys

The original Kenner Star Wars toys can fetch some serious money at auction. These toys aren’t lookers: they’re cheaply-made plastic with nothing more than perfunctory paint jobs to make them look vaguely like the character they’re supposed to be. They were also pivotal to the early success of the franchise, as George Lucas aptly realized that merchandising was his chance to become a very, very wealthy man.

If you’ve got any of these old Kenner toys, even opened and in less-than-ideal condition, they can still command an impressive asking price from collectors. And, should you be lucky enough to have several of them still sealed, odds are good that you could come out ahead by a lot of money. Of course, such “new in box” condition toys are few and far between.


Transformers have remained popular since their introduction in the 80s. What’s not to love? They’re giant robots who can shapeshift into cars and planes. That’s everything kids love all rolled into one transforming package. The fact that the toys representing these characters were capable of shifting back and forth between “giant robot” and “sick sports car” only made them that much more appealing to children.

And, should you still have your originals, you’re in luck. New-in-box condition Transformers are among the priciest of 80s-era toys on the secondhand market. These collector’s items make for an excellent chance to make a few bucks on your old toys.

GI Joe

The original 1960s-era GI Joe is considered by many to be the first modern action figure. Before Joe, only little girls played with “dolls,” but GI Joe was far from a doll. He was a skilled GI, a manly role model who launched everything from toys to cartoons to an action movie franchise.

The original 1960s toys, today, can command a surprising price at auction. In fact, the original Joe toy has sold for upwards of $200,000 when new in the box.