Harry and Meghan Sign Major Deal with Netflix

Last week, there were rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were shopping an idea for a TV series or special to various networks. Per usual, the gossip mill got things almost right.

It turns out that Harry and Meghan just inked a significant, multi-year deal with Netflix.

New Players in Town

The Sussexes recently bought a home in Montecito, California, an exclusive beach community about a hundred miles north of Los Angeles. But you don’t have to live in LA to be a media mogul. Just ask Harry and Meghan’s neighbor, Oprah…

Six months after leaving royal responsibilities behind, Harry and Meghan are emerging as a Hollywood power couple. Their deal with Netflix will allow their production company to make “documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming,” according to the New York Times.

After Harry and Meghan had to give up the “Sussex Royal” branding that they’d worked so hard to build, they are starting from scratch. Their charitable foundation is now called Archewell, but it remains to be seen if that name will be an umbrella for all their work.

What Kind of Content Will They Produce?

Sadly, we won’t be seeing episodes of Keeping up with the Sussexes on our TVs anytime soon. The couple might appear in front of the camera, but they’re not interested in making the kind of low-brow reality TV that we crave.

Instead, it’s more likely that they’ll produce projects more in line with the Disney elephant documentary that Meghan worked on last year.

“Our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope,” the couple said in a statement. “As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us.”

Meghan has previously stated that she does not want to act anymore. Harry has no experience in media, but he does at least know how to surround himself with competent people.

The Invictus Games require a tremendous amount of work to pull off, so it’s clear that he can put together a good team. There won’t be any shortage of folks who are eager to work with the Sussexes, either.

Royal Reporters Are Furious

Supporters of the monarchy are not pleased that Harry and Meghan will soon be making movies. Some of the loudest voices are the reporters who continuously attacked the Sussexes while they were in England.

For example, journalist Richard Palmer tweeted:

“Harry and Meghan couldn’t cope with the normal scrutiny that goes with being prominent royals and those family rifts were real, as they now admit. But it was always their desire to go off and make money from commercial deals that was behind the split and their move to America.”

A particularly nasty inside source told UK tabloid The Sun that Meghan won’t get the creative control she craves with the deal. “TV networks, Netflix included, don’t let the lunatics run the asylum. Meghan will no doubt want to cast herself as Mother Teresa but that’s not how it’s going to pan out,” the source said.

Sounds like sour grapes! We’ll all have to wait and see what kind of programming actually arises from this deal. The rumor is that Harry and Meghan are already working on an animated show that empowers women as well as a nature documentary.