Hasbro Plans to Bring Dozens of Games, Toys to TV & Film

Hasbro Plans to Bring Dozens of Games, Toys to TV & Film


Gamers everywhere, rejoice! Hasbro, Inc. is expanding even further into the television and film markets, and we couldn’t be more excited. The heads of the American multinational conglomerate that’s been a mainstay in the toy and board game industries since 1923 will now attempt to parlay the success of several of their most iconic characters and games into the cinematic space.

Some of Hasbro’s most famous products include Power Rangers; Dungeons & Dragons; Twister; Transformers; G.I. Joe; Micronauts; Monopoly; M.A.S.K.; Furby; Nerf; Lite-Brite; Lincoln Logs; Mr. Potato Head; Play-Doh; Trolls and several more.

Our favorite characters and games that have been around since Hasbro’s inception nearly 100 years ago will now be available for us to experience in a totally new format.

Hasbro looks to expand TV and film projects


The company has already achieved incredible success through their ventures into film and TV with products such as Transformers and My Little Pony. Now, they’re looking to do the same with many more of their most famous games and toys.

At the end of 2019, Hasbro acquired Entertainment One (eOne) for $3.8 billion dollars. Entertainment One is best known for films, franchises and brands such as Dallas Buyers Club (2014), Spotlight (2015); La La Land (2016); John Wick; The Hunger Games; Halt and Catch Fire; Grey’s Anatomy and Peppa Pig. With the closing of that massive deal, Hasbro now has the capital and the connections to triple its entertainment deals.

According to Sarah Whitten at CNBC, CEO of Hasbro Brian Goldner promised a plethora of Hasbro-based TV and film projects in the next few years.

“Sometime between 2022 and 2023, you should see two to three movies every year from us and three to four streamed shows,” he told reporters. “We’ll scale that as we add new IP while we’re also doing subsequent seasons of the shows that we already [made].”

Eric Handler, who is the managing director of media and entertainment equity research at MKM Partners told Whitten, “If you look at Hasbro in five to 10 years from now, they will most likely still have a very strong toy business, but you’ll see a lot more contributions coming from movies, TV, and with Wizards of the Coast, video games. You are seeing an emerging media story developing here.”

Hasbro’s momentous entry into the film and TV industry with their acquisition of eOne has set them up for incredible success in the field. Which of your favorite characters and games do you want to see Hasbro bring to life next?