‘Last Christmas’ Trailer Gives Away the Plot – Will You Still See It?

‘Last Christmas’ Trailer Gives Away the Plot – Will You Still See It?


The first trailer for Last Christmas, the romantic comedy inspired by the classic Wham! song, just dropped. It’s sweet, funny, a little gross, and utterly charming. And it might also have given away a huge plot twist!


Can This Movie Be Good?

On the one hand, the idea of a romantic comedy based on a Wham! song is ridiculous. On the other hand, Last Christmas stars Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke, and it’s written by Oscar-winning legend Emma Thompson.

We’re due for a new Christmas-themed rom-com, now that Love, Actually is a bit long in the tooth. The trailer promises laughs, tears, and love–but can it deliver?

Meet the Cast

Is Henry Golding determined to save the romantic comedy? It seems that way. Fresh off his star-making turn in Crazy Rich Asians, he’s the handsome, cheerful, and patient leading man to Emilia Clarke’s barely functional mess. She’s Bridget Jones cranked up to 11–a far different role than Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones.

Emma Thompson plays Emilia’s mother, and Michelle Yeoh has a supporting role as the owner of the Christmas shop where Emilia works.

New George Michael Music

Although director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) called the movie a “love letter to London,” it’s also a kind of eulogy for Wham! singer George Michael. He passed away on Christmas Day of 2016, but Feig says that Michael was involved in the early planning stages of the movie.

“[H]e knew [the movie] was going to happen, and that gives me such joy. We feel like he’s here with us,” Feig said. Michaels’ music is woven throughout the film, including previously unreleased tracks.

Okay, But What About Those Theories?

Skip this section and go straight to the trailer if you don’t want to get accidentally spoiled. Obviously, we don’t know anything for certain, but the internet has some pretty strong ideas about a potential plot twist in Last Christmas.

As we all know, the song goes, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…” And in the trailer, Emilia Clarke’s character is recovering from some unspecified yet serious illness. We don’t see anyone but her interact with Henry Golding’s character, which is super suspicious, right?

Our best guess? Henry Golding is the ghost of the organ donor who literally gave Emilia Clarke his heart last year. Other people think he might be an angel sent to teach her a lesson, It’s a Wonderful Life style. He might also be spirit like the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, or Future in A Christmas Carol. Whatever he is, we’re not convinced he’s an actual dude.

Watch the Trailer

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the first trailer for Last Christmas and let us know what you think!