These Are the Best YouTube Channels to Binge Watch Right Now

the youtube logo on a phone
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Do you ever feel like your YouTube front page suggests the same videos over and over? Are you bored of the same old, same old, and looking for something new and interesting to watch while you swear you’re going to clean your apartment but let’s be honest that laundry just hasn’t gotten touched? Well, do I have some YouTube personalities for you!

This is a list of the best YouTube channels to binge right now. We’ve crowdsourced opinions, so you’re not getting just one person’s thoughts for all of these, and we’ve tried to cover a variety of subjects. From video games to science, cooking to movies, hair, and more, we’ve got you covered.

So read along, and find your next favorite YouTube channel!

Note: I’ll drop links to all of these shows at the very end, so don’t stress about opening up new tabs or flipping between pages. Just enjoy the channels, and click the links you want at the very end.