The Michael Jordan Doc: A Recap for Basketball and TV Fans Alike

Not all diehard TV fans love basketball, and not all diehard basketball fans love TV. But a common ground can be found between these two groups in the long-awaited, 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan’s career.

The series is called The Last Dance, and its first two episodes aired last night. Here’s a few main takeaways that this diehard television fan learned about the basketball superstar’s early career.

MJ Was a Savage on the Court and a Goofball out the Shorts

Michael Jordan did not joke around with his teammates on the Chicago Bulls. He expected perfection and dedication at all times, and anyone slipping up heard about it. Footage shows the dude yelling at his teammates during practice like he’s the coach, and no one stops him. It’s no wonder he told reporters that he thinks people are gonna think he’s a real you-know-what when the show airs.

But out in public? This guy did not give a single eff, and it’s incredible. He wore comically oversized suits that look like his agent told the tailor, “It has to be big. MJ is a literally a giant.”

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Yes, we know it was the 90s, but come on. Michael Jordan was daring someone to ask him whose tent he stole to make that.

That’s another thing we learned – he was super competitive and thrived on tension.

He Loved Stirring People Up

In the first episode, MJ’s father pretty much tells the camera crews that Michael Jordan became so great because his brother, Larry, would beat Michael’s face off if Michael bested him in basketball. Which translated into Michael really not wanting his face beaten off, and by default becoming one of the greatest athletes in the history of humanity.

And that’s how he learned to become an instigator, I presume. Let’s talk about his trip to France with the Bulls in 1997.

When he was in France with the team, Michael Jordan donned a beret. A BERET. I mean, you have to be a real troll to be that on the nose. All he needed was a baguette and a cigarette to complete the look.

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You know what? I’m not convinced he didn’t invent that stereotype. When you watch the show, you see that people the world over were obsessed with this guy. The Parisian fans probably saw him rocking that beret down the Seine and were like, “That little hat is ours now. FOREVER.”

He’s Pretty Good at Basketball

Okay, so that one is obvious. But we all knew that going in. We did not come for the stats as much as the behind-the-scenes gossip and absolutely outrageous nineties fashion.

I look forward to learning more about Michael Jordan’s quirks when the next two episodes of the series air next Sunday night, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET.