TV News You Need: Get Hyped for ‘Hamilton,’ Chris D’Elia Episode Erased, and More

As we kick off summer 2020, we’ve got a mixed bag of news. From Hamilton to Chris D’Elia, here’s what you need to know as a savvy media consumer this week.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

D.L. Hughley Diagnosed with COVID-19 After Collapsing Onstage

Comedian and actor D.L. Hughley had to admit that something was wrong when he collapsed onstage during a recent stand-up comedy set. While performing at Zanies, a comedy club in Nashville, TN, Hughley began slurring his speech and stumbling. Then he dropped to the floor.

Initially, he was treated for exhaustion at a nearby hospital. However, a test confirmed that he was actually suffering from the coronavirus.

“I didn’t have any symptoms, the classic symptoms I didn’t have… I just lost consciousness. So, in addition to all the other stuff you have to look out for, if your a– pass out in the middle of a show on stage, you probably need to get tested,” Hughley wrote in a statement on social media.

‘Workaholics’ Episode Featuring Chris D’Elia Pulled

Comedian Chris D’Elia is accused of pursuing young women–and underage girls–inappropriately by multiple women. The accusations include claims that he messaged women and girls on social media to ask for nude photos, despite knowing that some of them were as young as sixteen.

That makes it really uncomfortable to watch the episode of Workaholics on which he guest-starred in 2011. The episode is called “To Friend a Predator” and features D’Elia as a child molester. The episode has been pulled from Hulu and Amazon Prime, and will no longer be aired in reruns on Comedy Central.

In a written apology, D’Elia said, “I was a dumb guy who ABSOLUTELY let myself get caught up in my lifestyle.”

‘Daria’ Spin-Off in the Works

These days, it feels like we’re living in a “Sick Sad World,” but Daria fans should be excited to hear about a brand-new spin-off series coming soon on Comedy Central. The original animated series premiered in 1997 and focused on the life of disaffected high schooler Daria. She’s an icon for smart, snarky girls who grew up in the 90s.

The new series will follow Jodie Landon, Daria’s overachieving friend. She’ll be voiced by Tracee Ellis Ross and will reportedly follow the character as she transitions from college to the real world. No word on whether we’ll see Daria, Jane, or any of the other beloved favorites from the original series.

It’s worth noting that Daria was a spin-off itself; the character first appeared on Beavis & Butthead.

Teaser Trailer for ‘Hamilton’ Has Us Hyped

You know what we need right now? Hamilton. For those of us who never managed to score tickets to the Broadway smash, the filmed performance on Disney+ will be our first chance to see the show.

The streaming platform released a one-minute teaser for the special, which features the original Broadway cast, which you can watch below. It premieres on July 3–just in time for Independence Day!

However, be advised that you won’t be able to snag a free trial just to watch Hamilton. Disney+ has decided to do away with their one-week freebie because they don’t need it.