Where Is Casey Anthony Now?

Where Is Casey Anthony Now?

Orange County Sheriff's Office, Orlando Metropolitan, FL 2008, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It was 2008 when Caylee Anthony, a two-year-old little girl who lived in Orlando, went missing. Her mother, Casey Anthony, didn’t report her daughter’s disappearance to the police for 31 days. It was only after her grandmother, Cindy, made a call to police to alert them that her disappearance was discovered. She was concerned there was something wrong, after she hadn’t seen Caylee in weeks.

Casey Anthony was accused of first-degree murder and the case caught national attention. But in a shocking turn, she was eventually found not guilty on the charges.

Now, it’s been over ten years since the original case transfixed the US. What is Anthony — the woman many suspect got away with murder — doing now?

The Verdict That Shocked a Nation

Casey Anthony
Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Metropolitan, FL 2008, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In July of 2011, the jury handed down their verdict. Due to the lack of physical evidence and the lack of clarity on the part of the prosecution, the jurors found Anthony not guilty on the charges of murder.

In the end, Anthony was only sentenced to four years in prison: one for each charge of lying to investigators. That was it. Had she been found guilty of murder, she may have spent her life in jail.

It’s Been Ten Years Since She Was Sentenced

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Casey Anthony has largely stayed away from the spotlight, offering scant interviews and barely appearing in the public eye. Her desire to keep a low profile is unsurprising, considering the high-profile nature of her case that captured a nation, and the verdict that many may not have believed.

Anthony Now Lives in South Florida

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Casey Anthony, who is now 35, lives in South Florida. She actually lives in the home of Patrick McKenna, a private investigator who led her defense team’s investigations. Despite living with McKenna, Anthony insists the two aren’t romantically linked. She is, however, trying to date again, though her recognizability makes this a bit difficult.

Anthony Family Struggles

Casey Anthony's parents on the Dr Oz Show
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According to some sources, Anthony hasn’t been very close with her parents following the bombshells dropped during the trial. Her relative lack of concern over her daughter’s well-being, as well as her father’s affair, were both revealed during the trial, and in the years since, Casey has had little contact with her parents.

Getting Away With Murder?

Caylee Anthony memorial
Bstodd00, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s unclear what happened to Caylee Anthony. While Casey Anthony was found not guilty, many people are convinced she knows more about what happened than she’s letting on. Whether Caylee’s death was an accident that Casey covered up, a murder committed in cold blood, or something else entirely, we will likely never know.