Which Streaming Service Has the Best Bang for your Buck?

Which Streaming Service Has the Best Bang for your Buck?


There are officially too many streaming services. Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Disney Plus… it’s gotten ridiculous. No one can be expected to have all of these services. The whole point of ditching cable for streaming services was to keep the costs for entertainment much more manageable, but that hasn’t been the reality so far.

Netflix Still Reigns Supreme for Content Variety

So, what streaming services offer the best bang for your buck? From a sheer content perspective, that title likely belongs to Netflix, which sports thousands of hours of shows from numerous channels and tons of originals and movies. However, you might find your interests draw you to another service.

Other Options

If you’re a Star Wars and Marvel fan, for instance, you might find yourself getting the most enjoyment out of Disney Plus. Likewise, if you love DC Comics, you’re best off going with HBO Max, as that’s the only way to watch DC animated series and films.

If you’re a sports fan who also loves television and has children, then your best bet may be the Disney+ bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+. For about the same price as Netflix, you’ll have plenty to choose from.